To be eligible for membership and
for referrals in your area, we need:

1) copy of license, if in a licensing area.

2) sample report (redacted is OK).

3) proof of insurance, if for EPPA exams.

4) other polygraph-related information as requested.

Examiners are expected to attempt contact with each
referral at least twice every day for 5 consecutive days.
Remember, e-mails to potential clients get
lost and/or get caught in spam-filters;
messages get misplaced, numbers get written down wrong.

Examiners are expected to notify PEOA by e-mail
every 24-hours during that 5-day period
as to attempts and progress with each referral.

Within one week of the referral being issued,
PEOA usually contacts that referral to verify
that all was conducted per profession standards.

Instead of PEOA being funded by any 'dues' or other charges,
upon completion of a referral, examiner to send
$95 per referred exam as the total referral fee.

Most examination referral notices are posted to
our network forum

Examiners who have successfully completed
more than two referrals may be considered
'Senior Members' and may be contacted directly
with referrals instead of by group postings,
if their website bears the PEOA logo.

Call (818) 883-6969
or e-mail
for more information!